International Telecommunication Union and Fondo Indígena launch call to share innovative communication tools with indigenous leaders

Since 2005, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has implemented an on-line training program for Indigenous Leaders, consisting of 3 on-line training courses every year. These courses targeted to promote more accessibility to ICT resources and enhance the digital skills of indigenous people and train them to make use of these resources for their specific interests and needs. ITU and the Fondo Indígena are partnering to develop and deliver online courses targeted to teach indigenous leaders to make use of different technologies to implement projects and activities aiming at increasing social and economic development of their communities.

In keeping with this collaboration, Fondo Indígena has launched the 2016 call for indigenous leaders to register for and participate in the online course: “Training in Innovative Communication Tools for Empowering Indigenous People in the American Region.” The second edition of the online program will be divided in three main modules:

  • Web development and tools to generate digital contents
  • E-commerce, mobile applications and tools for entrepreneurs
  • Development of indigenous communication networks (e.g. radio station)

The methodology includes creating an online forum to share initial instructions and allow participants to introduce themselves to the group thus encouraging the integration of further community networks. The platform offers a permanent section for technical support and each section includes reading documents, discussion forums, specialized workshops and other activities.

In order to participate it is necessary to be an indigenous leader engaged on indigenous organizations and to have internet access. The course will be delivered on the ITU ACADEMY platform and will provide electronic certification for successful participants. Those who finish the entire program will receive an additional diploma accrediting the total dedicated hours.

Interested parties must send their applications to by March 27, 2016. The course will start on March 28 and will finish by October 7.

For more information visit the official call at Fondo Indígena

Additional Sources: ITU