Web Accessibility Workshops in Mexico and the Americas

Last November 2015, at the “Accessible Americas: Information and Communication for ALL” event in Medellin, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) provided regional leaders with training on web accessibility policies. The workshop, based on ITU/G3ict Model ICT Accessibility Policy report, encouraged countries and guided them to work for eliminating the barriers faced by persons with disabilities when trying to access webpages.

As noted during last year’s Medellin regional event, the policy framework suggested by ITU is intended to support governments in elaborating accessible digital platforms to provide equal services for persons with disabilities. Some of the main recommendations included following international web accessibility standards, identifying and regularly evaluating government websites, training web designers and encouraging private entities to elaborate accessible content, among other things.

One year later, the same accessibility training sessions will now be presented in Mexico for the third edition of Accessible Americas. Implementing inclusive web design requires training web designers and content developers.

For this reason, Telefónica México and its start-up accelerator Wayra partnered with HearColors to teach Mexican developers how to create accessible web content for persons with disabilities. Two workshops were planned:

  1. Web Accessibility for Developers: Nancy Reyes, accessibility expert and Hearcolor Founder Partner, talked about international standards for programmers. (March 9)
  2. Web Accessibility for Content Creators: Monica Duhem, Founder and Director of Hearcolor will explain how to generate accessible digital contents for social inclusion. (March 17)
Wayra Accessibility Workshop's Official Poster

Wayra Accessibility Workshop’s Official Poster

Both sessions were planned to be hosted at Wayra headquarters, located in Luis Potosí 196, Piso 5, Col. Roma Norte, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, C.P. 06700. The workshops are free and open to the general public.

Register for the Accessibility Workshops  or ask for more information calling 55 97 9794 ext. 110