Girls into Digital World to inspire school girls in Scotland

Girls into Digital World is a three-day program organized by Microsoft Scotland, designed to inspire Scottish teenage girls to get involved in technology careers. The course will engage 36 girls in a series of hands-on activities with diverse employers and introduce them to relevant figures of women in tech. It will take place in Edinburgh from 15 to 17 March 2016.

The event is part of Digital World, a Scottish initiative that seeks to promote digital technology careers among the local population. It intends to show that this industry is accessible for everyone and invites people to learn about the diverse opportunities that innovation provides for different fields.

According to Annabelle Ewing, Scottish Government Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment: “Scotland’s workforce is benefiting from initiatives like Girls into Digital World which dismisses outdated notions linking gender to jobs and proactively creates positive new ways into our successful industries.”

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