Digital literacy program to train 1,400 students in Kisumu County, Kenya

Over 1,400 students will be part of a Digital Literacy program implemented by the County Government of Kisumu in collaboration with the African Centre for Women, Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT). The course will provide students with digital skills such as navigating through the web, information systems’ notions, online mapping and coding, among other things. It is expected that the knowledge they acquire may be utilized for increasing their chances of being employed.

The program will be divided in two seven week phases and a final capstone project. The first two sections will draw 700 students from the different sub-counties in Kisumu, and divide them in groups of 20 people to study the curriculum. In the end, the participants will have to work in teams to develop real life projects for addressing significant challenges faced by their county.

According to Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma, ICT education will help the county to develop as a smart city and target the shortage of technology experts.

Additional Sources: Standard Media, African Center for Women, Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT)