Ihub research and innovation center to promote educational technologies in Niagara

ihub is a research and innovation organization located at the District School Board of Niagara in Canada, that works on the development of educational tech products and ideas for students from kindergarten to 12th grade. The hub seeks to generate spaces for collaboration between educators, students, parents, researchers and the private sector in order to enhance the educational experience and foster the economic development of the Niagara region by utilizing technology tools.

The main advantage of the ihub is that it allows private and public organizations involved in educational technology development, to interact directly with their target audiences, which are students and professors. As well, it creates a bridge between external innovators and the school board thus increasing the feasibility of eventually involving technology solutions as part of the curriculum.

Besides from its role as a research and innovation hub that gets together business and technology professionals, the ihub offers a space to host community hackathons and to introduce both students and educators into discovering diverse digital literacy tools. It provides as well different scholarships to promote professional development programs for educators.

Visit the Niagara ihub website for more information about its projects.

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