Kviz app to promote accessible web design for persons with disabilities in Croatia

Kviz Main Site Screenshot

Kviz Main Site Screenshot

The Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Industries (HAKOM) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) of the University of Zagreb published the Kviz web accessibility application last March 27, 2016. The purpose of this app is to inform service providers, developers, designers and consumers about the rights and needs of persons with disabilities in the world of network technologies.

Based on the Electronic Communications Act in Croatia, all users should be able to access technology services and make choices under equal terms of price and quality. Reinforcing the former principle, Kviz seeks to raise awareness about the barriers faced by persons with disabilities thus driving providers and developers to increase their commitment in the elaboration of inclusive communication services and proper accessible equipment.

The application contains different mechanisms to invite users to test their knowledge about the rights of electronic communication users and contains simulations of the challenges faced by persons with motor, vision and cognitive disabilities. It offers as well accessibility guidelines for web developers and the option to choose black and white design, access via audio input or increase text size in order to provide an inclusive user experience.

Visit Kviz web application here

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