Australian Department of Communications and the Arts invites government agencies to support International Girls in ICT Day

Based on the fact that females make up only 28% of Australia’s ICT’s workforce, the Australian Department of Communication and Arts has invited other government agencies to promote International Girls in ICT Day on 28 April 2016 under the theme Expanding Horizons, Changing Attitudes. The event, organized each year by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), seeks to empower and encourage young women to engage in ICT related careers.

Girls in ICT Day raises awareness about career opportunities for young women, challenging the stereotypes that limit girls from studying ICT related fields. Besides, according to the Department of Communication and Arts, it offers an opportunity for different sorts of organizations to address the digital gender divide.

The Australian Department participated in the Girls in ICT Day initiative last year by sharing videos of women working in the ICT sector who explained some of the main challenges they had faced during their careers. This year, they will build a video library of female role models working in ICT roles inside the department.

In order to get more information about Girls in ICT Day, you can access the ITU Girls in ICT toolkit that suggests different types of activities – such as coding, developing apps, technology in art and 3D printing – that may be used by organizations to support this initiative.

Also visit the ITU Girls in ICT Portal, Facebook page and follow the hashtag #GirlsinICT on Twitter. /  –

Additional Sources: Australian Government, Department of Communications and Arts, PSnews