Microsoft DigiGirlz Days and High Tech Camps to teach digital skills and provide technology career guidance for girls

During the first week of April 2016, the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) collaborated with Microsoft to organize the DigiGirlz Technology training session at Kitante Hill School in Kampala, Uganda. The workshop gathered female students from diverse secondary schools of the region to teach them diverse computing skills and provide career guidance oriented to high-tech occupations.

“This will enable us to learn more when we are on the internet. We have created a group of girls using the latest technology on social media which will help us share notes and experiences in our schools,” said Zainabu Nassuna, senior-four student at Nateete Muslim High School.

Microsoft DigiGirlz program seeks to encourage middle and high school girls worldwide to get involved in ICT related careers by teaching them digital skills, inviting them to interact with people from the industry and allowing them to participate in technology workshops.

In order to do that, the organization offers two different learning schemes in diverse locations all over the world: DigiGirlz Day and High Tech Camps. The first one consists in a one-day event that is designed to provide high school girls with a better understanding about technology careers. The second one requires a 2 to 4 days’ event that is focused on diminishing high-tech industry stereotypes and getting the girls involved in projects that let them experience how cutting-edge technology is developed.

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