Bermuda joins to the international global Girls in ICT celebration

In order to commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day, Bermuda’s Department of E-Commerce will prepare three competitions that will finish with a ceremony in April 28. The main purpose of this action is to raise awareness and encourage girls to follow careers related to Information and Communication Technologies.

The first competition consists in providing girls from primary schools with posters showing widely recognized ICT pioneers and asking students to color them by April 22. The second one will encourage secondary schools to produce 30 second video clips to show how they use ICTs in creative and innovative ways, focusing on the topic Girls in ICT in Bermuda.

Finally, the public will be asked to nominate women who stand out in Bermuda’s ICT sector via email to Required information will include a brief paragraph about the nominees’ participation in the ICT sector, her name, organization and contact details.

According to Dr. Marisa Stones, Director of the Department of E-Commerce: “The community is invited to participate in our efforts to encourage, foster, and mentor our young women to consider ICT as a career path, to grow in the ICT industry, and to eventually take on leadership positions.”

Additional Sources: Bermuda Real,The Royal Gazette