Ghana’s Ministry of Communications to train 1,000 Girls in ICT for celebrating the Girls in ICT Day

As part of Ghana’s Girls in ICT program, the Ministry of Communications has started to train 1,000 girls from 12 northern districts in skills related to Information and Communication Technologies. This initiative sums another effort to several programs that are taking place in April 2016 to commemorate the Girls in ICT initiative promoted by the International Telecommunication Union.

Community Information Centers at the twelve districts are the locations where these girls will be taught how to utilize specialized ICT software. An emphasis is being made in creating awareness among the professors about the importance of finding fun strategies to attract the students to the field.

By the end of the two-week sessions, a competition will take place among the participants in order to allow them to test the skills they learned and potentially increase their interest in STEM related careers.


Additional Sources: News Ghana