Pakistan Mobile App Awards 2016 are launched

The Pakistan Mobile App Awards 2016 organized by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have been launched with the theme “Embracing Mobile Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities”. The main purpose of the event is to promote the development of accessible mobile applications in an attempt to utilize technology for promoting equal and full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the society.

Although mobile applications are not the only solution to promote an equitable society, they are useful to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of the challenges faced by this population. Including accessibility concerns in IT policy could certainly foster the adoption of further inclusive measures in other areas.

Many local organizations are currently supporting PTA in the implementation of the event. Some of them are the Internet Society Bureau, Telenor Pakistan, National ICT R&D Fund, Ministry of Information Technology, Special Talent Exchange Programme, Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness, Pakistan Blind Cricket Council and Pakistan Youth Foundation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Additional Sources: GAATES , PTA