Google to Open Digital Garage in Newcastle City Library

Google’s Digital Garage is a digital literacy project implemented in different countries around Europe with the purpose of providing individuals, start-ups and established businesses with relevant technology education opportunities to fulfill their goals. The main scope of the project is to support and benefit small businesses in order to foster growth in local economies by taking advantage of the use of technology tools.

Visitors who attend one of these clusters receive free courses and tutorials on topics that include website design, online marketing and programming. In addition to one-on-one technical support, participants can obtain online certificates offered by Google and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe.

A new Digital Garage opened at Newcastle City Library in United Kingdom on April 22, which will continue to receive visitors until the beginning of July 2016. This center will also host training events for charities, computer science courses for students and professors, as well as other activities organized with different business partners. Mentors from the Digital Garage will also provide support in remote areas by promoting the use of technology for better work opportunities and solving the challenges faced by small businesses.

Visit Google’s Digital Garage project’s webpage and the Newcastle chapter

Additional Sources: Chronicle Live