Código X: Mexico’s new Girls in ICT initiative

Código X Site Screenshot

Código X Website Screenshot

In recognition of Girls in ICT Day, the Mexican government launched the Código X initiative to promote collaboration between industry, civil society, academia and government in order to foster the inclusion of women and girls in the ICT field. Considering that only 14% of women in Mexico are currently studying technology related careers, one of the main goals of the program is to invite girls to get to know different institutions to better understand the opportunities that learning ICTs would bring them.

Código X initiative is coordinated by the National Digital Strategy office and involves, as of today, 21 different organizations, currently offering 33 different programs to support women from different ages. The initiative also launched a mentoring program that provides girls with support from women industry leaders with at least 10 years of working experience in the IT industry.

In addition, according to the Digital Strategy Office Coordinator, Alejandra Lagunes, the Mexican government is working to establish two additional programs. The first one, called Prospera Digital, will seek to empower women by providing them with technology tools to better handle their finances and participate in the labor market. The second one, @prende, will promote the incorporation of ICTs in the learning process of national students with the support of the Public Education Ministry.


Visit Código X to learn more about the initiative.


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