India’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry requests TV channels to provide accessible content for persons with disabilities

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B) requested some of India’s main broadcasting bodies to provide captions and audio support in their programs to support people with hearing and vision disabilities. This initiative adds efforts to Accessible India’s campaign that was launched by the ministry in December 2015 to address the needs of persons with disabilities in the country.

Additionally, concerned organizations – such as the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, News Broadcasters Association, Association of the Regional Television Broadcasters of India and the Advertising Standards Council of India – will be solicited to increase the frequency of programs targeted to persons with disabilities in TV. For example, the showcase of films related to achievements of persons with disabilities will be encouraged in order to raise awareness about the relevance of the topic.

Finally, the ministry asked the main broadcaster’ associations to regularly provide information about the implementation of actions to ensure the inclusiveness of their content.

Additional Sources: GAATES