Entrepreneurship, business and girls in ICT

On April 28, as part of the International Girls in ICT Day celebrations, a group of 12-13 year old girls in London visited Wayra, Telefonica’s start-up accelerator, in order to participate in a series of activities and interact with technology leaders. This activity, promoted by GSMA’s Connected Women Program, was intended to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers and inspire them to become tech entrepreneurs.

At the event, speakers presented their stories and shared their insights about the technology sector. The girls also participated in a series of activities related to business and technology. The curriculum included learning how to set up start-up businesses, improving communication skills, pitching start-up ideas and learning to code by editing videos of their presentations.

The speakers that attended the program were Melinda Nicci (CEO and Founder of Baby2Body), Vana Koutsomitis (Founder of DatePlay), Louise Easterbrook (Chief Financial Officer at GSMA), Amanda Smith (Account Manager at Open Data Institute) and Henry Ludlam (CEO of TeamFirst fundraising platform).

Additional Sources: Business Wire