Project Include: Women Tech Leaders sum their efforts to promote diversity

A group of renowned women from some of the major Silicon Valley tech companies gathered to create a nonprofit organization called Project Include that will use data collection and sharing to promote gender inclusion in the field. In addition to the data-driven approach, this effort stands out because it groups into one single project the voices of a group of women tech leaders that were already conducting diversity efforts, but will now collaborate for the same cause.

Project Include’s main objective is to drive high-tech firms to track diversity in their work force and share this information with start-ups (25 to 1,000 employees) in order to promote major gender inclusion in the tech industry from the roots. It would also seek the support of venture capital firms that provide support and advise to growing start-ups.

The first goal of the organization will be to have a first cohort of 18 companies where regular meetings will be conducted to track the development of the process and generate metrics. In the end, results will be published anonymously within the market. According to MS. Baker, former Google engineer now at Slack, promoting diversity and inclusion awareness in new companies will make it much easier to adapt these values into their culture.

It is as well expected that promoting a diversity and inclusion culture in new companies will eventually generate more pressure on big tech firms to adapt to the requirement.

Additional Sources: New York Times