Digital Ambassadors will share technology skills in Johannesburg

The City of Johannesburg, Sudafrica will offer the support of young digital ambassadors to train communities in digital literacy. The Digital Ambassadors program, organized by the city’s government with the support of Harambee Youth Empowerment Accelerator and the University of Johannesburg, was announced in 2015 and has started training 24 unemployed youth with high skills in order to share their knowledge.

Digital Ambassadors are being trained in basic digital skills and then will be sent into different towns and communities to teach residents how to use the internet for different daily tasks. In order to do this, the trainers will utilize an online portal called Maru a Jozi, which will provide access to diverse free online services to train communities. While the site is currently available, most of its features are still not fully operational.

Additionally, digital ambassadors will be empowered with further mentoring to get them involved in building their own enterprises. In addition to the training, they will be paid for each member of the community that receives digital literacy support.

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