FITA-ADVICE Center provides ICT support for persons with disabilities

The Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) and the Assistive Devices Visual Impairment Center (ADVICE) from Malta provide persons with vision disabilities with products and specialized equipment for making use of ICTs. Some of the services that this center provides are consultancy, ICT accessibility certification and training. As well, the equipment available at FITA includes accessible keyboards and mouse, magnification devices and optical character recognition technologies.

What is mostly relevant about the center is that it matches the necessary technology products with persons with disabilities in a case by case scheme. This allows users to make informed decisions on the best products to help them gain independence and perform daily tasks. Recommendations are elaborated based on the goals and experience of the users so that they can use them in their own work and at school. Any support provided includes further training to tackle new goals related to the use of ICT and office skills.

Currently FITA is looking for support of more disability related NGOs in order to enhance the services it provides for persons with disabilities.

More information available at their website

Additional Sources: GAATES