Nahual and DANE projects to promote digital inclusion in Argentina

Argentinian company FDV Solutions is working in two digital inclusion projects called Nahual and DANE. These two open source initiatives help young people and persons with disabilities to gain technology skills that are valuable for their daily lives and jobs.

Nahual helps young people to find jobs by providing programming training in a collaborative environment. Since 2009 the project has also provided additional work mentoring and opportunities for participants. It prepares young people to become programmers, designers and testers while enhancing their mathematics and logical-deductive skills. More than 60 professors and students work as volunteer to teach three main courses: Testing, Programming and Internet for Adults. Last year, 96 young and adults were trained and more than 60 of them got a job in the software industry.

In second place, DANE project started in 2013 with the support of organizations such as the Argentinian Association of Parents of Autistic Children (APADEA) and the Argentinian Association for Down Syndrome (APADEA). Its main objective is to create apps to promote ICT inclusion for persons with disabilities, with the support of education experts, students and volunteers. One example is “Juguemos Todos” app, which was designed to enable persons with Down Syndrome to utilize information technologies.

Additional Sources: ComunicaRSE