Digital You platform offers accessibility resources for seniors, job seekers and persons with disabilities

Digital You Site Screenshot

Digital You Site Screenshot

Digital You is an online tool created by AT&T to offer diverse accessibility resources and information for parents, seniors, job seekers and persons with disabilities to help them take advantage of information technologies. Through the Wireless Independence Now (WIN) Workshops, the Corporate Accessibility Technology Office provides training to teach persons with disabilities how to use accessibility features installed on their different devices.

The platform contains workshops for a diverse set of users, with specialized content for each category. For example, the main materials for persons with disabilities include tailored materials for persons with difficulty concentrating or with dexterity, visual and hearing impairments. For seniors, workshops are offered to promote safer connections and to increase awareness related to scams and fraud.

Last May, a WIN Workshop was held at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind with the participation of 25 persons with vision loss. The event was meant to gather information about the accessibility features of devices and teach the participants how to use them. A second workshop will take place in June for the Chicago Abilities Expo.

For more information about events and available resources visit Digital You 

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