Peruvian Women and Vulnerable Population Ministry to support Digital Inclusion for persons with disabilities

The Women and Vulnerable Population Ministry (MIMP), with the support of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS) and the Center for Prevention of Drug Abuse (Cedro) signed an agreement to provide digital and financial training for persons with disabilities in Peru. San Martín, Ucayali and Huánuco will be the first communities to receive benefits from this agreement during the next three years.

The collaboration between these institutions will seek to strengthen the digital skills of persons with disabilities within the region. Beneficiaries will receive free training related to diverse software by using accessibility tools for persons with visual and hearing impairments. The program will run next do Cedro’s Digital Inclusion initiative that has created digital literacy modules in remote Peruvian communities.

The Digital Inclusion agreement is supported by the General Law on Persons with Disabilities, which establishes in article 23 that Information and Communication Technologies must be made accessible for persons with disabilities. According to this regulation, public and private entities as well as higher education institutions that provide information services for consumers through websites should provide accessibility systems for addressing the needs of all the users.

Additional Sources: Crónica Viva