Argentina’s Ideatón to promote accessible design for enabling seniors to go digital

The Ministry of Seniors from Buenos Aires, Argentina in collaboration with the Ministry of Smart City organized an “Ideatón” event with the purpose of providing seniors with digital skills. The Ideatón consisted of a space where people of different ages and professions were able to help each other to generate ideas for improving an app called “+ Simple” created for old persons.

The event took place at the Metropolitan Center for Design and was open for everyone who had pre- registered. A group of seniors was in charge of guiding the working teams to enhance and evaluate the solutions. All of the teams presented their ideas to a jury and the best ones were selected to be further developed with the support of the government.

So far, Buenos Aires has generated digital hubs with computers and courses for seniors, however the goal now is to achieve the creation of systems that are simpler and more accessible for everyone in order to provide equal opportunities to utilize information services.

Additional Sources: ADN Ciudad, Buenos Aires Government, Universidades Hoy