Aprende.org to promote inclusive access to education and digital skills


Aprende.org platform screenshot

Slim Foundation celebrates its 30 years with a new platform called App-prende in collaboration with organizations such as Khan Academy. The platform will provide people of all ages with the possibility of finding free diverse training and higher education opportunities, with an emphasis on medium and advanced digital skills for students and job seekers.

Additionally, the program will provide smartphones in low income schools to access the platform for further learning opportunities. In order to do this, the organization will buy used phones from customers with a 25 dollar credit to their accounts.

Training provided through the platform will be certified by the Mexican Ministry of Education and the Social Development Ministry. In its main website, Aprende.org offers a wide variety of options that range from basic digital skills courses to advanced degrees in research, web design, information security, networks, coding and other relevant areas.

The program has the goal of reaching 80 percent of the population that is not yet connected to the internet in Mexico during the next few years. However, it is also available in another 147 countries where Spanish speakers from different ages may access its contents.

Additional Sources: La Jornada