Department of Information and Communications Technology in Philippines launches ICT Skills Training Center

The Information and Communications Technology Office in the Philippines launched an ICT Skills Training and Internship Center in Cagayan de Oro City last June 23. The center is intended to offer digital literacy skills to citizens through free connectivity and Tech4ED (Tech for Economic Development) modules.

The center will invite both youth and adults to be trained in ICT related skills. Additionally, the participants will receive assistance for finding employment opportunities including through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) schemes and online job platforms. Unemployed people – even those who have not finished college – will be supported to obtain jobs in the technology field.

The establishment of an ICT Skills Training center will be useful to attract BPO companies to the city thus promoting economic growth and decreasing levels of unemployment. Online virtual jobs in areas such as Search Engine Optimization will be possible when an internet connection is provided.

Further plans are taking place to provide other regions with Tech4Ed modules, public Wi-Fi access and community e-centers.

Additional Sources: Philippine Information Agency