Australian Association of Computer Science invites the authorities to target digital skills and ICT diversity challenges

ACS Elections Manifesto

ACS Elections Manifesto – Screenshot from official report

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) released a “Federal Election Manifesto” asking for five main policy actions to secure the economic future of Australia during the information age. The Manifesto is meant to attract political attention into the following topics:

  1. Digital Skills and Literacy
  2. Diversity
  3. Cyber Security
  4. National Broadband Network (NBN)
  5. Policy Framework

In terms of Digital Skills and Literacy, the document calls for the introduction of digital skills as part of the schools’ curriculums, training the teaching workforce, the elaboration of an awareness program and enhancing teaching methods to target the needs of the future employers. As well, it requires further research into the causes that limit student’s enrollment in ICT related careers, support for universities to enhance their programs for suiting the needs of the labor market and collaboration to drive ICT adoption in small and medium enterprises.

In the case of diversity, the document suggests that bridging the gender gap in the tech industry would promote a potential increase of 11% in the national GDP while addressing the ICT labor shortage. It recommends the development of an ICT gender inclusion strategy, establish a campaign to attract girls into the sector, adapt the curriculum to suit the interests of the girls and support the creation of extracurricular tech clubs for them. Additionally it suggests the implementation of mechanisms to elaborate networking schemes that promote more diversity in the workplace.

Lastly, the Manifesto emphasizes the importance of improving the National Broadband Network to provide speed and quality internet for the population thus promoting more inclusion and generating a strong foundation for the digital economy.

Download the ACS Federal Election Manifesto

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