Agewell Foundation trains senior persons to use information technologies

Agewell Foundation, a non-governmental organization, designed a program to make senior persons from India computer literate in order to help them better adjust to the modern world and even to obtain post-retirement jobs. The program includes Free Computer Training Centers at various clubs and public spaces across Delhi.

In order to implement the program, the foundation trained a set of volunteers and organized their schedules in order for them to address the convenience of older people. The curriculum of the program includes basic computer applications, Microsoft Office software, access to main internet services, social media, e-commerce and banking, among other basic functions and features for their computers. Training is also complemented with support for utilizing smartphones and tablets.

According to the Chairman of Agewell Foundation, Himanshu Rath, this initiative will support old people to integrate into today’s information society in order for them not to be marginalized or isolated. The foundation invites senior persons (55 or older) to register for the training and also senior associations to participate in the program providing more spaces to offer additional training spots.


Additional Sources:  Financial Express