Indonesian Digital Cooperative to invest in telecommunications infrastructure for connectivity

The Indonesian Internet Providers Association (APJII), with the support of the Indonesian Information Telecommunications Society (Mastel), launched an Indonesian Digital Cooperative (KDIM). The main purpose of this group is to collectively buy internet infrastructure in order to address the digital divide by providing connectivity services for all of its members. ( )

Whereas typically governments or private organizations are responsible for investing in telecommunications infrastructure to supply customers, the cooperative model tries to combine the efforts of a group of individuals and organizations in order to allow the community to collaboratively absorb the high costs of providing connectivity services. According to APJII secretary general, Henri Kasyfi Soemartono, investing in a satellite, for example, is not so difficult when the price is divided among 3 million people, just 3% of the total amount of users in Indonesia.

Additionally, APJII’s 350 members plus 40 companies will support with privately owned infrastructure – although only two or three currently own extensive infrastructure. According to APJII’s chairman, Jamalul Izza, the cooperative would help ease the infrastructure problems faced by most of it members and the overall population.

Additional Sources: The Jakarta Post