Youth Code Jam opens summer camps to teach digital skills for children in Texas

The Youth Code Jam opened its first summer camp in Texas to teach coding and tech literacy for children from Kindergarten to eighth grade at Ella Austin Community Center. The training offered at the camp shows kids how to take control of technology and use it to solve practical problems and innovate.

Additionally, students learn best practices to keep safe when connecting to the internet, thus promoting the development of responsible digital citizens. According to Pfitzenmaier, founder of Youth Code Jam, they “are teaching children how to be private with their information, stranger danger online and digital literacy… They are navigating around the computer to learn about coding, loading and forming a project.”

The program, funded with a grant from Google Fiber, teaches students valuable digital skills through different methods that include, for example, making robots work through Lego Mind Storms and learning how games such as “Angry Birds” operate. Ultimately it is expected that Youth Code Jam will motivate the children to get involved in technology related jobs, grow computational thinking and earn self-confidence.


Additional Sources: La Prensa