New approach combines digital skills and creativity to enable elderly to benefit of ICTs

Nominet Trust and The Baring Foundation created the Digital Arts & Creative Aging fund in UK to encourage active entrepreneurial support to promote creative arts among seniors through digital technologies. Besides from increasing the levels of digital literacy among older people, this scheme allows them to collaborate for finding solutions to mobility challenges and to increase their wellbeing with access to technology tools.

Through access to digital technologies, participants may be able to break down community barriers and innovate in the field of creative arts. Some organizations that have already started implementing this approach are “Alive!” and the “Liverpool Foundation for Art and Creative Technology”. The first one uses touchscreen technology to work with seniors in care homes through intergenerational programs such as iPals, while the second one encourages digital literacy in shelters through peer to peer models.

Digital Arts & Creative Ageing fund provides an opportunity for organizations to get engaged in promoting the adoption of digital technology among senior population through creative arts. This is an innovative practice for social inclusion and digital literacy that could be replicated in the developing word to enhance community connections and enable elderly to benefit of ICTs by engaging them on the use of digital tools. Nevertheless, the significant amount of care homes with no access to Wi-Fi is still a challenge to overcome in order to facilitate the implementation of this type of programs.

More information about the Digital Arts & Creative Ageing program in the official Nominet Trust website

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