National Coding Week appoints Leeds ambassador for 2016

The National Coding Week is a yearly event organized each September in UK to gather volunteers in libraries, schools, businesses and hubs to train children and adults in digital literacy. In 2015, the event grouped more than 1000 people in more than 100 events to learn coding skills.

In order to do this, the organizers invite 12 voluntary ambassadors in different locations to organize at least three events in their regions. SteadyGo creative digital brand has just been appointed as the ambassador for Leeds.

According to Richard Rolfe, co-founder of National Coding Week, “National Coding Week was created to offer opportunities to adults to learn digital skills. There are many initiatives aimed at children but very few aimed at everyone else. We hope the events will build confidence as well as skills. These skills are vital for the digital economy.”

For more information about National Coding Week visit their official website or follow their hashtag #NationalCodingWeek


Additional Sources: The Drum