Craft Silicon Foundation’s mobile lab teaches digital skills to youth in Kenya

Craft Silicon Mobile Digital Lab

Craft Silicon Mobile Digital Lab

Craft Silicon is teaching digital skills to youth in Nairobi, Kenya with the support of its mobile ICT classroom. The main purpose of the program is to provide children from remote communities with the opportunity to increase their digital literacy thus gaining a wider range of opportunities to become competitive in the labor market.

The mobile lab consists in a 72 seater bus, where the interior was replaced by 64 chairs and 32 reading tables, each with a computer desktop. Besides from the monitors, the laboratory contains specialized servers, education courseware, Internet, printers and scanners. All of its technology is powered by photovoltaic cells in the roof of the vehicle.

According to Priya Budhabhatti, chief executive officer of Craft Silicon Foundation, “The project’s aim is to promote universal computer literacy among the youths and young girls in the slums and enable them use computer knowledge and skills to seize opportunities that will make them self-reliant. The program also aims at promoting development in these areas…”

The training works in three stages: recruitment through basic computer operations, then advanced ICT training skills in the Craft Silicon Foundation Center at Westlands, Nairobi and finally those who get to the third stage are taught communication, business and entrepreneurial skills. After finishing the program, students are connected with the foundation’s partners to look for further job opportunities and continue to advance their skills.

So far, the mobile lab has trained 6,000 youths (most of them girls) in Kawangware, Kibera, Huruma and Mukuru kwa Nyayo slums in Nairobi. Although currently there is only one bus operating, it is expected that by next year further innovation hubs with free Wi-Fi services may be created.

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