SPIN receives grant to teach digital literacy skills to persons with disabilities in Philadelphia

SPIN, Philadelphia’s nonprofit received a USD 10,000 grant from Comcast to teach persons with disabilities how to use technology. According to Adam Hymans, SPIN Director of Strategic Communications, the main objective of the organization through this program is to support these individuals to “improve and expand our digital literacy program, so we can help these individuals prepare for and maintain meaningful employment.”

The organization currently serves over 3,500 children and adult persons with disabilities and receives 150 people each week at their digital classrooms. The curriculum provided in their laboratories changes every three months and is focused on topics such as improving digital communication skills, familiarizing students and their families with assistive technologies and learning how to use basic web surfing tools such as search engines.

The grant funds will be utilized to obtain more equipment, including assistive communication applications and attachments for making their computers and tablets accessible. Eventually it is expected to prepare their digital classrooms to receive 200 teachers, employers, individuals with disabilities and their families for an event called Comcast Disability Digital Literacy Expo next April 2017.

Additional Sources: Technical.ly