Kenyan teacher makes digital literacy videos accessible for population in Southern Africa

Tonny Omwanasa, Kenyan teacher and researcher from I Choose Life-Africa non-profit organization traveled to a Gainesville video production studio to film a series of computer training courses. The purpose of his travel was to “Africanize” the videos in order to promote digital literacy within his region.

Through 15 to 30 videos, produced by ITPro.TV in a talk-show format, the project is expected to cover the basics of computer hardware and software, internet, working with documents, spreadsheets and databases, web browsers, email and ethical discussion. The contents will be recorded in English to suit most South African countries, however the tone and accent will be tailored to fit its target’s needs and a few Swahili words will be spoken.

This effort runs in parallel to the recent launch of the National Digital Literacy program in Kenya, which consists in training the professors and kids from all schools in diverse digital skills. According to Omwansa, this method could make it possible to spread the training to neighboring countries that are further behind in digital literacy. Additionally, he believes that digital skills open up possibilities and expose youth to new ways of thinking and interacting with the world, thus making it possible to explore and create new solutions to local challenges.


Additional Sources: The Gainesville Sun