City of Seattle funds 10 tech literacy programs

Earlier in 2016, the Seattle IT Community Technology program released the Digital Equity Action Plan to “ensure all residents and neighborhoods have the information technology capacity needed for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.” This strategy, developed with the collaboration of more than 100 community leaders, non-profit organizations, companies and public is focused on three main goals, which are digital skills training, enhanced connectivity and support for owning mobile as well as assistive devices.

As stated among its Action Strategies for the year, the local government has just announced the award of USD 320,000 to 10 programs bringing digital literacy and infrastructure to underserved communities. It is expected that this funding will support over 2,500 residents among underserved populations that include homeless youth, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

According to the office of Mayor Ed Murray, “Technology impacts nearly every facet of our lives, from finding jobs to thriving in school. Our investment in these community driven projects will open the door to greater success for Seattleites who lack sufficient technology access and essential digital skills.”

Some of the winning programs include Na’ah Illahee Fund (year-long coding program for native girls) and Full Life Care nonprofit, which will establish a mobile computer lab in Seattle Housing Authority communities. Other projects include parent volunteer technology mentorship, the establishment of further mobile computer labs and digital training for the visually impaired.

Additional Sources: GeekWire