Hirachuni village gets active in social media to promote digital literacy among its population

The Digital India campaign is a national effort that seeks to provide citizens with connectivity, access to electronic government services and digital literacy resources. It is expected that higher ICT access and skills will empower the population to increase their living and employment standards.

The campaign consists in a series of initiatives that promote access to digital resources in different regions, offering training village by village. Now Hirachuni village from Jharkhand (state in east India) was chosen to join the initiative by creating a digital identity for itself. Around 47 out of the 60 houses from the town were gathered to further discuss opportunities to increase the levels of digital literacy, generate an Email ID and Whatsapp group where at least one member from each house will be present.

The village will also start being active in social media through the name “Digital Hirachuni” and an official blog channel will be opened. Considering that the majority of the youths in the village already have access to internet, it is expected that the campaign to raise digital skills will be easily embraced.

Additional Sources: India Express