SRV Canada Video Relay Service enhances communication for persons with hearing disabilities

A new video relay service was launched in Canada to support persons with hearing disabilities to communicate through ICTs. SRV Canada VRS enables users to conduct calls through common digital devices. It simulates common conversations between two callers with the support of sign language interpreters.

In order to use the service, VRS calls are started through digital devices with fast internet connection, then the call is placed and an interpreter appears on the device’s screen. The interpreter speaks the message to the hearing recipient and the caller responds through the interpreter’s signs.

Around 20,000 Canadians will benefit from the internet-based service thus gaining access to calls through digital devices. SRV Canada VRS is a free service sponsored by a national fund, however international calls will have a price. To learn more about SRV Canada VRS and how it works, visit SRV Canada VRS

Additional Sources: GAATES