Code Week France 2016

Supercodeurs France

Picture retrieved from Code Week France 2016 blog

From the 15th to the 23rd of October “Code Week” 2016 took place, aiming to encourage children and adults alike to develop their understanding of coding. Educational workshops and other such events took place across Europe, including 168 events in France. In Paris, the National Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud- Belkacem, attended the launching of CodeWeek workshops with primary school children who engaged in activities such as programming robots made from Lego. In Bordeaux, the National Digital Research Institute collaborated with Orange France to organise successful coding workshops. These events and others, engaged participants in developing code to program websites, video games and interactive technologies and also introduced programs that teach coding skills.

Alexandre Amigouet, cofounder of the Toxicode program and a start-up ambassador of Code Week, has suggested eight programs for those interested in coding. These programs range from teaching the basics to learning advanced skills, such as integrating algorithms or developing video games.

  1. Silent Teacher: easy for beginners, introduces coding concepts
  2. Lightbot: simple interface, easy for children, covers the basics
  3. CodeCombat: coding for video games
  4. Code and Slash: creating videogames in Javascript
  5. Scratch: attractive for beginners, freedom to choose what to create
  6. Castor Informatique: integrating algorithms in coding
  7. Code Academy: for ages 14 and older, gives clear objectives and tasks to complete
  8. Read JS: teaches how to read code, preventing bad habits in coding techniques

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