Campaign in Australia calls for young creators in STEM fields

Creators Wanted” digital campaign in Australia aims to increase the interest of students to engage in STEM related fields. The initiative, organized by Samsung Digital Technologies, Questacon and other famous personalities consists of the creation of videos and a website to show students how technology development is useful for their future careers.

The most relevant component of the campaign is that it does not provide digital literacy training by itself, but rather engages in a dialogue with students to increase their interest in the field through different contents and activities. It also supports Australia’s current Digital Inclusion program, which provides grants for schools to implement ICT literacy initiatives to train students for the future workforce.

According to Simon Birmingham, Australia’s Federal Education Minister, “Schools need to think creatively about how they teach digital literacy to ensure that students don’t fall behind or find it difficult to engage. We need all children to be digitally literate to ensure they are ready for a future full of technology.”

Additional Sources: Educator Online