Cape Town activist organizes training for 1,000 youth in programming skills during Africa Code Week

Rogeema Kenny, an engineer and activist organized the training of over 1,000 youth from Cape Town as part of the Africa Code Week. The event, organized with the support of The Hope Network and Sakhikamva Foundation intended to teach basic digital literacy skills in marginalized communities of the region.

Kenny, the program organizer, was inspired after attending an Africa Code Week Train-the-Trainer workshop, where she experienced Scratch programming for the first time. According to her, “I immediately noticed its potential for teaching coding basics to children and beginners of all levels in a fun, interactive and simple way. The coding concepts weren’t new to me, but the way it was taught was completely revolutionary.”

The program was organized with the support of digital literacy micro grants obtained from Google and SAP. It was free and accessible for everyone in Cape Town. Despite the challenges, the organizer explained that she was enthusiastic about the idea of bringing public and private sectors together to development the next generation of workers in Africa.

Overall, the Africa Code Week was expected to engage 150,000 youth across the continent in 2016. The results will become available during the third week of November.

Additional Sources: Media Update