SPIN Corporation and Comcast to establish digital literacy lab for persons with disabilities in Philadelphia

A new digital literacy laboratory was created in Philadelphia, USA, by SPIN (Special People in Northeast) and Comcast Corporation to prepare high school students and adults with disabilities to enhance their employment opportunities through ICTs. The NBCUniversal Digital Literacy Lab is located at SPIN´s Norcom Community Center and will start operating with the support of a $20,000 grant to initialize the project.

The laboratory counts with five tablets and 20 computers as well as diverse assistive software and hardware such as eye-controlled devices. The hub is expected to support more than 300 high school students and adults to develop useful digital skills.

According to Kathy Brown McHale, SPIN CEO, “People with intellectual disability are often unemployed or under-employed in the community, despite their ability and willingness to engage in meaningful work…we address this disparity by educating employers and providing youth and adults the skills they need to lead more independent, fulfilling lives.”

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