ONU Mujeres and the International Telecommunication Union award three organizations for their projects related to gender equality and digital inclusion

2016 Gem-Tech Awards

2016 Gem-Tech Awards

During the latest Telecom World 2016 event organized by ONU Mujeres and the International Telecommunication Union in Bangkok, Thailand, three organizations were recognized through the 2016 GEM-TECH Awards due to their projects promoting digital inclusion for women and girls in the world.  The main purpose of these awards is to empower girls and women worldwide while promoting gender equality through a STEM oriented approach.

The winners of 2016 GEM-TECH Awards were the three following organizations:

  • Aliadas en Cadena from Venezuela received recognition for the category of “Applied technology for empowering women and promoting digital inclusion.” Their project consisted of supporting 20,000 unemployed women to enhance their income through informatics, management and entrepreneurship training.
  • Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation won the award for “Promoting women in the technology sector.” The organization provided scholarships, tutorials and courses to increase the number of women in STEM fields throughout its region.
  • World Wide Web Foundation won the world price for “Developing governance, policy and access to ICTs through a gender approach” due to its labor to promote an open web as a public and accessible right.

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