Teenage girls helping to design and build satellite in South Africa

A group of 14 high school girls from Cape Town, South Africa, are being trained by engineers from Cape Peninsula University of Technology to design and build payloads for a satellite to be launched in May 2017. The main objective of the project is to create infrastructure to collect information related to agriculture thus providing valuable information to promote food security in the African continent.

Additionally, this private initiative sponsored by South Africa’s Meta Economic Development Organization (MEDO) and Morehead State University in the US attempts to attract more African women into pursuing STEM related careers. According to Brittany Bull, one of the students from the team, “I want to show to fellow girls that we don’t need to sit around or limit ourselves. Any career is possible, even aerospace.”

The satellite created with the support of the team will provide low cost information and thermal imaging data that will be useful for the early detection of floods. .  It is expected to incorporate more girls from Namibia, Malawi, Kenya and Rwanda during the next phases of the project.

Sources: CNN