Google to provide free digital training in UK during 2017

To follow up on the creation of Digital Garages or hubs during 2016, Google has announced five hours of free digital training available for everyone in UK from 2017. The courses will be imparted both in the physical locations and remotely, teaching basic skills such as sending emails, internet browsing and utilizing social media.

Training opportunities will be tailored both for businesses and individuals who would like to enhance their digital skills, either for personal purposes or to make organizations more successful. Considering that almost one in four Britons still lacks digital skills and 90% of the new jobs require them, this initiative provides an alternative from the private sector to support current public initiatives, such as the currently expected UK digital strategy.

The program is intended to provide early training programs through the collaboration of government, academic institutions, businesses and vendors in order to prepare the workforce for responding to the demands of the market while gaining valuable skills to decrease the digital divide.

Sources: Training Journal, Ldphub