Community Tablet brings digital devices to remote communities in Mozambique

CommunityTablet - Image Retrieved from BizCommunity

CommunityTablet – Image Retrieved from BizCommunity

Mozambican technology startup, Kamaleon, developed a method to promote digital literacy in rural communities through the implementation of a shared digital platform. Kamaleon’s strategy consists of  the installation of solar powered mobile “Community Tablets” that are placed on a trailer to provide access to digital devices in remote regions. Additionally, the organization provides users with training to browse the internet and use device features  oriented to the local workforce.

The Community Tablet program was launched at  the end of 2016 aiming to promote digital inclusion in Africa. The vehicles utilized to transport the community tablets will be used throughout 2017 in different health and education campaigns with the support of both public and private organizations.

According to Dayn Amade, Founder of Kamaleon, the Community Tablet was created to address the lack of ICT skills among the population that is currently considered as a relevant challenge in the fields such as healthcare and education in Africa.

Source: Biz Community