New seal provides recognition to accessible websites in Colombia

The National Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies (MinTIC) in Colombia is collaborating with the National Institute for the Blind (INCI) and the National Institute for the Deaf (INSOR) to promote the creation of an “Accessible Website” recognition seal. This certification will be provided to online portals that follow accessibility guidelines and design their sites for the inclusive use of persons with disabilities. Both public and private organizations will be invited to obtain the certification in order to show that they created their sites considering the 3 million Colombians with disabilities.

The “Accessibe Website” seal will utilize three stars to evaluate the appropriateness of online portals. Obtaining the certification will require participating organizations to take part in a series of workshops related to inclusive digital tools through the ConVerTIC initiative. This program trained more than 400 webmasters and 1,500 professors in 2016 to utilize diverse free accessibility software such as Jaws and Magic, which are designed to support persons with visual disabilities.

Sources: Comunicados