Access Makeathon gathers creators to generate assistive technologies for persons with disabilities

Last January 27-29 a group of investors, creators, hackers and change makers participated at the Access Makeathon in Vancouver, British Columbia to exchange ideas and build innovative open source assistive technologies to empower persons with disabilities. The 48 hour event was organized as a product of the collaboration between different organizations that include Neil Squire Society, Rick Hansen Foundation, SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology, TOM Global, UBC Women in Engineering and Vancouver Hack Space, among others.

The main feature of this hackathon is that it involved one person with a disability per team, providing the participants with the task of applying their knowledge to address the need of a specific user. By the end of the event, the appointed users were expected to leave the forum with a working prototype in their hands.

More information about the Access Makeathon at Makers Making Change official site

Source: GAATES