Government and civil organizations will ally to promote gender equality in French tech industry

The French Government announced an alliance with 15 organizations to promote gender equality in the national tech industry. Taking into consideration that most of the labor force in the field is still male dominated, the campaign will seek to increase diversity and productivity through the incorporation of different points of view to address market demand.

The initiative will be implemented in three main phases. First, a campaign to fight cyberbullying and promote female role models. Second, the implementation of training campaigns at high schools and universities to promote STEM related careers and computer science for girls. Third, the provision of support for organizations to hire and train women in tech.

Some of the participating organizations are Cap Digital, Fondation ORANGE, Pasc@line, Quelques femmes du numérique, Social Builder, TECH IN France (formerly AFDEL), Universcience and Wi-Filles.

Source: Tech Crunch