Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau promotes digital accessibility in Pakistan

Taking into consideration that there are currently around 30 million persons with disabilities in Pakistan, the Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau has collaborated with multiple private and public stakeholders during the last two years to lead a series of initiatives to promote digital accessibility.

At first, in December 2015 a workshop was conducted inviting persons with disabilities to explain their requirements and challenges they face to use online services in Pakistan. Some of the identified key issues were local websites accessibility, lack of supporting policy, education of developers and students, and accessible mobile app development.

Additionally, an informal working group conformed by members from the Special Talent Exchange Program, Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness and Pakistan Youth Federation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing was created to promote policy enhancements for persons with disabilities. Some of the successes reached so far by this group include a collaborative approach to make government websites accessible and to promote the enforcement of accessibility standards and guidelines for government sites.

Finally, in 2016 the group supported on the launch of Pakistan Mobile App Awards 2016 competition seeking for mobile applications that help persons with disabilities become more independent. The event informed the developer community about guidelines and best practices to make their products accessible and incorporate the needs of users into their designs.

More information about ICT accessibility working group in Pakistan

Source: Internet Society