IT training for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women non-profit organization won a financial award from Microsoft Bangladesh to train female entrepreneurs for funding their own IT repair centers. This program, also supported by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), will equip women from undeserved regions with IT skills in computer hardware and software use, as well as troubleshooting.

In addition to providing these women with opportunities to generate their own businesses, the initiative will also support another major initiative generated by Microsoft Bangladesh and the PMO to provide digital literacy training for women in 5,200 digital centers across the country. Beneficiaries from the program will receive microfinance support from Shakti Foundation to secure loans for opening their businesses in one of these public IT training hubs.

According to Dr. Humaira Islam, Founder and Executive Director of Shakti Foundation, “Imparting IT skills to underprivileged women will help them gain social and economic independence through a holistic approach to IT entrepreneurship.”

Source: The Financial Express