Advanced digital skills training to take place in Korean high schools

Digital Media Campus is a program sponsored by and the Korea Federation of Science, Culture and Education Studies (KOSCE) to provide digital literacy training in high schools. The program is intended to reach over 3,000 students, studying in 120 different schools across the country during 2017. Additional training will be provided for 2,000 parents in order to teach them how to help their kids in using digital media.

KOSCE-trained tutors will support students to evaluate online information and assess the validity of sources through a range of digital tools that allow them to manage data, create visualizations and explore new technologies. Participants will be invited to enroll in this 32-hour course as an elective during their free semester.

The pilot for the program took place in the beginning of this year, when a group of tutors visited Ogeum Middle School in Seoul. The students visualized neural nets and performed experiments to learn about machine learning technologies for image recognition.

Source: Newsroom America